Feb 18, 2009

Twenty Somethings in the News: 13.2 million "young adults" (20 somethings) uninsured

New York Times: For Uninsured Young Adults, Do-It-Yourself Health Care

This article is about young people*, largely in their 20s, who don't have insurance. What they have in abundance? Crappy jobs, zero options for affordable health insurance, and chutzpah. The Times describes these young people DIYing everything from inhalers to insulin shots to setting bones. The results aren't always good, obviously. Sometimes it makes the situation better, but often it makes the situation worse, with young people ending up in hospitals with bills that are even less affordable than the insurance.

Granted, there are some genuinely stupid people who can swing a multi-state skiing trip but can't afford the insurance to cover themselves in case of an accident. But for the most part, you're talking about people who are choosing between food/rent and health care. And health care is definitely losing in this deal.

*I'm well aware that using the phrase "young people" makes me sound like I'm 80, not 20.


  1. I really like you blog and I'm really going to enjoy following it!!
    nice to meet you

  2. From 20-21 I didn't have insurance. They offered it at my job, but I didn't bother to sign up. By the time open enrollment came around again I was used to my paycheck being a certain number and I didn't want to spend anymore.

  3. I already hoard asthma inhalers and I'm still insured under my parents until a few months after I graduate. This was a really great article though. Look forward to reading more on your blog!