Feb 26, 2009

Bad news on the long distance front

So Kellen (the boyfriend who is still in college) is part of a great internship program at his school. They provide two paid six-month internships with mostly local companies to students who are admitted into the program. The drawback? Prior to each internship, the participating students do a single interview with recruiters from ALL of the participating businesses. The businesses are in a range of areas (mostly in the major population centers in Oregon, although every year there seem to be one or two that are out of state), and students don't really get to pick which companies they go with. Rather, the companies are put into random order and the first companies on the list get to choose the candidates they like first.

We were feeling pretty good about the whole situation this year. Most of the jobs offered are usually in Portland and Salem, either of which would mean Kellen could live with me or be a lot closer. Last year, Kellen landed a job in Portland, and we got to live together for a full six months. It was wonderful, and we were really hoping for a repeat this year.

Kellen had his interview this morning, though, and said that a company in Eugene has a lot of positions this year. Eugene is about 40 miles even further away than where Kellen is now. So...still hoping for the best. I've got my fingers crossed that everything will work out. If he ends up in Eugene, though, I might be forced to rip every last hair out of my head.

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