Feb 19, 2009

Dear Geico,

Thank you for giving me an alternative to the $200/mo. car insurance that every other insurance company in Oregon seems to think I need to pay to protect my vehicle and myself. I think it's ridiculous that some insurance companies expect me to pay them as much as I'm paying on the car itself in order to get coverage. Paying off one car twice, once to the dealership and once to the insurance company...not cool. If I wanted to spend $30K on cars, I could just go out and total the thing myself uninsured, then buy another car of the same value the next day. Or buy a brand new BMW.

So for only raising my insurance by $25/mo. and making it possible for me to eat and pay rent for the next five years, I pledge my undying allegiance. (Unless, of course, someone offers me a better deal.)

Much love,

PS: Up yours, Progressive.


  1. haha best thing I've read all day, thank you :) And I'm in the same boat!!!! :(

  2. I highly recommend you try Geico, or at the very least, shop around. Eventually, you'll find someone who will give you a good deal. :)