Feb 24, 2009

I keep meaning to talk about my job or other things in my life...

...but it just keeps coming back to the stupid car thing and my finances.

Tonight, I opened up the package from the other lady's insurance company that is supposed to have all the paperwork I need to surrender my vehicle to them. Keep in mind that it's been 10 days since the accident, I had to return the rental vehicle tomorrow, and they just now got this information to me. Anyhow, so I open the paperwork, and all the paperwork is for the wrong car. They've got me driving a 1995 Mazda. I've never driven a 1995 Mazda. I never mentioned a 1995 Mazda in any of my reports of the accident. In fact, I've told the other lady's insurance company alone what kind of car I was driving at the time of the accident at least four times.

So why did it take them two business days (and three operating days) to Fed Ex overnight me the wrong paperwork? Who fucking knows. At this point, I've drawn the conclusion that everyone I've dealt with on the other lady's side--including the other lady--are complete fucking idiots and incapable of handling small tasks like "look to the right before you pull out into oncoming traffic" or "make sure the type of vehicle on the paperwork matches the type of vehicle on the claim." But, you know, turning your head or reading four whole words is super duper complicated, and obviously, it requires Mensa membership to do either.

My only questions now are: if they quoted me a price on the wrong freaking vehicle, will I still get the amount they quoted to me if my vehicle is worth less? And if they don't, what the fuck am I supposed to do?

Oh, and by the way, I'm dealing with an apparently kind-of-a-big-deal insurance company called The Hartford. And so far, they've been slow, they called my boyfriend repeatedly to handle the claim even though his name isn't on the title of the car or the insurance, and they've fucked up. So, if you're ever considering doing business with them, reconsider.

/vindictive company smearing

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