Feb 22, 2009

So now I have car...

Pretty much as soon as the accident happened, I started shopping for a new car. (I love cars.com by the way. You should try it out if you're on the market.) After all, the other lady's insurance company is only going to pay for my rental car for so long, and they're not paying the insurance on the rental at all, so...

I found an amazing deal on a 2007 Toyota Camry with almost no miles on it, in great shape, and best of all, it was green. (Green is my favorite color.) As soon as I was back in Portland, I went and took it for a spin, and put a deposit on it to hold it until I had the check for the full value of my Hyundai (a little over $6500). On Friday, I heard from the other lady's insurance company and they informed me that they wouldn't be paying for the rental car past Wednesday (even though they knew I would not have a check to put a down payment on a new car), so on Saturday morning, I went to the dealership, filled out all the paper work, and left a $6500 check as a down payment since this is what I will be getting from the other lady's insurance company.

There are only a few problems.

  1. I don't have the insurance check.
  2. I still have a lot of paperwork to fill out and send back and forth to Arizona before I will get the check.
  3. I will likely not get the check before my down payment checks have to be cashed by the dealership, since it's the end of the month.
  4. I'm royally screwed. (No, really. The name of the dealership is Royal Moore.)

So. Last night I applied for a loan to cover the cost of the down payment until I get the check from insurance. I'm hoping I'm given the loan. I mean, I should be. I found out my credit score is over 700, and despite the fact that the budget I wrote out last night proves that I'm broke, nobody else knows that.

All the same, I'm really hoping that I get the money to cover the down payment checks by Monday. If they have to take the car back, I'm 99% positive that my credit score will not stay so high for long, and...then I'll have to get another rental car, on my own dime, with absolutely zero money to pay for it.


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