Feb 23, 2009

Something cheerful

bat dog

Just so you know, my life doesn't always stink. About a year ago, Kellen and I adopted a dog, a five month old beagle mix that we named Pippin. Pippin is probably my best friend other than Kellen. We hang out, we watch TV together, we cuddle on the couch. I talk to him when I'm too embarrassed to admit that I'm really talking to myself. (After all, he's a dog. He has no idea what I'm saying.) We've taught him a lot of tricks and today, he's a veritable circus dog. His most recent trick: playing dead when you say "bang!" and fire finger pistols at him.

Anyhow. This is Pippin, whom you will probably hear a lot about here. I also call him "The Muffin." Don't ask.

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