Mar 1, 2009

Addendum to "my job sucks":

For those of you who assume I'm only in my job because I want to make lots of money so I can buy lots of nice things...

I left the job I loved primarily because I couldn't buy groceries. I certainly couldn't pay for doctors or make my $300/mo. student loan payments. So while, yes, money motivated me to leave the job, I wasn't interested in buying designer clothes or expensive trinkets for my house so much as I was interested in paying my bills and getting myself healthy.

I didn't have much money when I quit the flight attendant gig, and I didn't have a lot of time to find a new job. When a job with a $45K salary was offered to me, I took it without thinking. I was more concerned with things like taking care of the tooth that was falling out and getting myself into a position where I wasn't relying on credit cards to pay for my basics.

There is an argument out there that people who work in cubes are only there because they want a lot of money and it's their fault for allowing their greed to get in the way of happiness. Those who make that argument, I would argue, have probably never been forced to choose between happiness and paying their bills--and they are among the very lucky few who have never experienced that.


  1. I had one of those jobs that "a million girls would kill for" and it almost killed me financially. I was unable to pay for the simplest things (gas for my car, any groceries outside of what you could get at the 99 cent store). The prestige job wasn't worth the suffering I was dealing with on a daily basis.
    I now have an extremely cushy corporate job that's exciting one day, frustrating the next and utterly snoozeriffic the very next day. However, I am comfortable and a tad less self destructive than I was in the days when I worried every time i went to pay for a drink at the bar whether I would have to get my change purse out to pay the rest of the bill.
    Don't let anyone ever tell you that you sold out for money. A wise person said that to me like two years ago and it still sticks with me.

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate that.