Mar 4, 2009

Cross your fingers that I don't get laid off tomorrow.


  1. it would surprise me greatly if your company had an all hands meeting where they made mass layoffs.
    we had one of these back in december when the market started taking its initial turn for the worst and the worst we heard was that the contractors were going to have to cut their hours and that we may all have to take a week of furlough in the summer. it was mostly just to say that the company was doing its best to keep everyone employed and that they're on your side etc.
    i feel like due to the flux of the market and the dire state of the company alot of companies are choosing to have these sort of meetings. so do not stress.
    i have to take a week of furlough in july. this was announced like a week ago but we all saw it coming.
    if something earthshattering is going to happen with your job they should give you notice and time to sort your situation out.
    deep breaths and a glass of wine are what you need.