Mar 7, 2009

The good things about a lay-off scare...

  • I've suddenly got some giddy-up behind my several-months-in-the-making website redesign. I've even gone so far as to make a complete mock-up. Now to do the page itself...

  • Two years ago, my college roommate bought me a Wacom tablet for my birthday, after I went around telling everyone I wanted one because I used one at work and it was awesome. Once I had it, I never took it out of the box, though. It stayed packed away in boxes as I moved from Austin back to my parents', from my parents' to Minneapolis, from Minneapolis to Seattle, and then from Seattle to Portland. (Phew! That's a lot of moving!) This week? Finally cracked that box open, installed the software, and began re-learning how to use the tablet.

  • I'm working on my resume and actually learning some new terms and new ways of doing things in terms of applying to companies. For me, talking about my skills and abilities is always a little painful. I want to make sure I accurately represent myself and my skills (i.e. not exaggerate my abilities), but keep from minimizing my abilities to the point that I seem incapable. I did that in the interview for my current job, and a year later, I'm still paying for it with lack of confidence from my supervisors. That is a mistake I won't make again.

  • I'm reminded once again of my limited skillset and how important it is for me to keep learning new things. I'm thinking about taking some classes and trying to learn more of the back-end part of web developing. I'd also like to learn more about graphic design. The things on the top of my list include: PHP, Ruby, Photoshop and Illustrator. If you guys know of anything that would be relevant right now, please let me know. I'm always open for suggestions.

  • The prospect of losing my job in my current field, and the awareness that my skillset isn't where it should be to be competitive in today's job market, reminded me that I both love my field, even if I don't love my job, and that it's someplace I want to stay. So...beefing up on my skillset, gaining a little self-confidence, and starting a more serious approach to freelance work is critical, I think, to achieving my career goals. Not exactly sure what they are, but something tells me they lay in design. It's the only thing I've consistently loved doing since I was 13. I want to hang in there a little while longer.

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  1. learning accessibility stuff has really helped us. it's a great selling point.