Mar 26, 2009

In which my tax refund never shows up.

I've never filed my own taxes before. Last year was actually the first year I've ever needed to file them, and because I was in the middle of moving for the second time in two months and I was starting a new job and most of my life was still in boxes (or in storage at my parents' house in Texas), my mom was nice enough to file them for me. So this year, when it came time to file my taxes, my mom mailed me all the W2's and additional forms that had been sent to her house from my previous employer and from my student loan people, and I got to file my own taxes.

I used TurboTax and to be honest, it was super duper easy. I also was very excited about my refund amount: $1504. Student loan payments and moving a bajillion times are good for something, apparently.

The problem? I filed my taxes over a month ago, and while I have been anxiously awaiting the day the check would show up in my online checking account, the day never arrived. I was pretty upset. After all, I'm moving (yes, again) in a few weeks, and I'm having major dental surgery done on Monday, so I was really looking forward to having that extra cash either to pay the deposits and fees at my new apartment or to pay for my teeth. Whichever seemed most pressing. Either way, with $2800 in extra stuff to pay for in the coming month, you can see why I'm kind of ready for that $1500 check to show up.

So today I finally call the IRS to find my check. Of course, the first thing that happens is that I'm put on hold and told by a robotic female voice that my wait time is 15-20 minutes. Lucky for me, I don't have any meetings or anything this morning, so I can sit around listening to the Nutcracker Suite for the whopping half hour it finally takes the IRS to get to my call. Visions of rebate checks were definitely dancing in my head by the time someone took my call.

And when the IRS finally does take my call, what do I get but a whole mess of rude from the lady on the other end. I'm thinking, "I don't know what you've got to be rude about. You're not the one missing $1500." But I guess when you work for the IRS, you don't really have to worry about being nice to people. You could just threaten anyone who comments on your rotten attitude with an audit, and people will happily tolerate the snarling.

Anyhow, after answering several questions and being put on hold another five times (more Nutcracker—really, it isn't Christmas anymore, you should change the music already), she finally comes back with an answer. My bank has rejected the EFT, and they're going to mail the check. Tomorrow.

*sigh* At least I'm not being audited?

If you're wondering where your tax refund is, you can find out by checking the IRS's "Where's My Refund?" page here.

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  1. Ha! That's nothing. Try getting a copy of your tax return from a previous year. I think IRS training consists solely of teaching agents how to tell people you can't help them, even if you can, in fact, help them.

    You're not being audited...yet. It is usually a good idea not to bring yourself to the IRS's attention.