Mar 17, 2009

Insurance Fun

So last night I got a letter from my dental insurance company (MetLife) saying that they have decided a procedure I had three months ago is "not dentally necessary" and are rejecting the $1200 charge. Awesome. I won't get charged the full rate since my dentist is part of their preferred dental program (PDP), but it would still leave me paying for a huge chunk of change that I don't think I should have to pay seeing as the procedure was dentally necessary. (Or, you know, I had that bone graft done for cosmetic purposes since, you know, thin gums are soooooo unattractive. I wanted some nice meaty gums. All the boys have been super turned on by my giant gums ever since. So. Turned. On.)

Calling the dentist this morning and telling him to write a letter of appeal ASAP. Three months from now, I guess I'll find out if it all works out. Hooray for speedy filing!


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