Mar 23, 2009

New social site for 20-somethings and giveaway

I’m tired of the 20-something stereotype. I’m tired of the assumptions that because we’re young, we don’t care. We do care, maybe more than anyone else I’ve ever met. We know that today’s world is ours to better, that we’ll be the ones inheriting the problems and therefore need to work as hard as we can to find solutions. We know that small actions can have big results, and that each individual voice only gets stronger when it’s joined by another voice, and another voice, and that it doesn’t take too many voices to sound a deafening call to action.

It’s in this spirit that I’ve created HandsIn, an organization to inspire 20-somethings to change their world through dedicated community service and a shared commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

- Nicole

I highly recommend everyone check out this site, HandsIn, and not just because of the amazing $200 giveaway that anyone who goes and checks it out is registered for. I think it is a really fantastic idea.


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I haven't seen 20 for a very long time. I think it's great what you are doing so keep up the good work. I know some 20 yr olds that could use some of your perspective.

    Chuck LaPenta
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  2. I'm actually not Nicole! You should check out her site here: :)