Mar 31, 2009

So about my company eliminating my position...

Last week, I vlogged about how the budget had been cut for my team at work, and as a result, one position had to go. That one position, of course, was me, and I was shuffled over to another team, a fact I wasn't super excited about, even though I definitely saw some possibilities for me in the move.

Anyhow, four days without me officially on the team (even though I was still doing work for them), the folks in South America decided they couldn't live without me and budgeted me back in! Hooray! I feel both loved and very useful, and I'm super excited about the switch back. Although, Brazil showed me exactly how much they loved me by chucking more work than I can do in a month at me first thing on Monday and telling me it was all due by...Wednesday. That's okay, though. I can't help but think maybe they put me back on the team because they know I can handle it. Or they have no idea whether I can handle it; they just realized they needed an extra hand to do the work once one of us up here was off the team. Either way, I'm pretty satisfied to be back.

And I'm stoked I still have a job!


  1. Congrats on being back on your team. Good luck with all that work :)


  2. Holy Sardines, Batman! That's unbelievable! Congrats on obtaining your old position - you definitely left a major impression on them :)