Mar 22, 2009

Funny videos and a flight attendant's revenge

So I found this pretty hilarious video with Louis CK entitled "Everything's amazing, nobody's happy." In part, it's about how the world is awesome and nobody really seems to appreciate it, especially our generation which demands instant gratification and has zero tolerance for any interruption to our pleasure or convenience.

As a former flight attendant, though, my favorite part was closer to the end, where he makes fun of people for complaining about their flights. When my passengers had nasty things to say about me because there were delays or because they weren't satisfied with the service, all I could think was, "Just be thankful there's someone willing to serve you your free soda on this thin metal tube hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles per hour and that you'll get to your destination tonight (even if it's a few hours late) instead of a few months (and a case of dysentery) later...or never."

I'm not even kidding. I got bitched out so many times on flights over truly silly things that I had no control over (or worse, over situations where the delays or "obnoxious" inconvenient/time-consuming requirements were because to do otherwise would compromise the safety of our passengers), that there were many occasions where, by the end of the flight, or actually sometimes before the flight had even started, I had already decided if the plane went down, I wasn't going to help certain people off the plane. I might even encourage the person in the aisle seat on their row to start trying to get their carry-on out of the overheads if the plane crashed. Yeah. See how you like that when the whole plane is on fire, jerk. That'll really give you a delay to complain about.

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