Mar 5, 2009


No merit pay raises this year. 8% pay cut for everyone on the team. Head count reduction likely to follow. Before the meeting, the second from the top told me she was going to start working on her Linked In account and begin sprucing up her resume. I'm going to start the job search immediately.

The recession has finally hit me.


  1. I am unemployed. It sucks. But at least you'll be eligible for unemployment, whereas I am not, and I am forced to live with a parent at the age of 27 and a HALF. Seattle isn't much better, and it sounds like you at least have skills that are somewhat in demand. There is one good thing about being laid off though, and that is that you never know what could come out of it. Out of being forced to find something new, you could find something 100x better than what you have now. You never know. Hold on to the positive.

  2. Katie, that's really shitty. Since your post yesterday I, along with probably a lot of your followers, had been wondering what the news would be. I've been made redundant more times than I can remember, only once in the teeth of recession, and I always ended up being happier where I ended up than before. From what you write, I can't help thinking you're pitifully under-valued where you work anyway!

  3. Yeah, that's kind of what I've been hoping. I've been toying with the idea of launching a job search anyhow, but this sort of forced me into it. I'm not sure that I'll find anything super-great right now, since a lot of people are laying off, but I'm sure that in a few months when things start turning around, I'll be able to find an awesome job. That's always how it goes. Just kind of stinks in the meantime. ;)

    Thanks for both your words of encouragement, and good luck with your job search, Rachel!

  4. That's the spirit! See, the thing is, hold on to what's good about this. It's so easy to let it get you down. Just because what is happening to everyone else, doesn't mean it has to happen to you or even just have the same effect on you. We can do it!