Mar 2, 2009

Some good news!

Looks like Kellen is going to be able to live with me for the summer! The arrangement will involve a long train ride on the MAX every morning, but taking the train will be a lot less expensive than driving and I think he's looking forward to having time to read books and relax on the morning commute. And I think we're both very, very, very stoked about the whole going to bed next to each other every night/waking up next to each other every morning thing.

Plus, one of his roommates is in the same program, so if he ends up in the Portland area, he might be living with us, too. The roommate is pretty clean, likes to cook, loves the dog, and is generally speaking awesome, so I'm excited about that as well. The fact that it means I'll be paying a hair over $200/mo. for rent if we have a third roommate is also major bonus points.

Such a relief. I'm very excited about the summer.

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