Mar 8, 2009

Wow! Talk about inspiring...

This blog is by a single mom with three kids who has set aside $ last her on groceries, dog food, and other household goods for a whole year. I couldn't even tell you how quickly I'd run through $800...maybe five months? Certainly nowhere near a whole year, and I live all by my lonesome.

Through coupons and rebates, she manages to keep with her budget while feeding her family what appears to be a pretty well-rounded diet. It's quite a feat! Anyhow, you can bet your pretty penny that I'm taking notes. When you see that she's saved her family some $700 for the year by smart shopping and clipping coupons, and it's only March, it really drives home how much you can save just by taking a few extra hours out of your week to do some research. Definitely a must-read for anyone on a budget.

PS: She uses swagbucks, one of my new money-saving experiments. Can't wait to see what other tricks she has!

1 comment:

  1. That makes me feel so inadequate. i spend $800 a month on that stuff!!!