Apr 30, 2009

Long time, no blog

So it's been a while since I last blogged. In my defense, my life has been unusually exciting for the past week or two, and for about half of that time, either my laptop has been packed away, I've been without internet, or both. The reason for all this is two parts "Comcast is incompetent," one part "I have no motivation," and ten parts "I moved!"

So I've now officially moved...all of two miles up the road. However, that cuts my commute time in half, which means my gas bill will be cut nearly in half, too. The place is really nice, though. I got 300 extra square feet for an additional $3/month. My appliances aren't as new or swank, I don't have a doorbell or a back yard for Pippin to play in, and moving is expensive so I'm out close to $700 for the whole ordeal. But once Kellen and Max move in this summer (the extra 300 sq. ft. includes an extra bedroom), my rent is going to drop to $250 and my utilities will be practically negligible, which means for 6 months I'll be chucking away the extra $500/mo. at debt and can put all my current debt payments toward savings. I should have all my dental bills paid off by December, which is just...wow. I also have 10 more minutes added to my lunch break for the days when I come home, and as we all know, time is money! So, in the end, the place is a bargain, which is all I really need to make me happy.

I'm pretty excited about everything. All the important stuff is up and running. Most of the fairly-important-but-not-imperative stuff is out of boxes. Looks like everything is going to fit. The only bad part is that I left Pippin alone for half an hour on Sunday afternoon while I went to buy groceries, and he dug up (literally, dug) the carpet in the second bedroom. I'm hoping we can fix that ourselves, though, without having to call the management in or *shudder* having to pay to replace it.

Some other things have been going on, too. I've been sick since some time last week. Nothing major (not with treatment, anyhow), just annoying, and I've been shuffled from one antibiotic to the next trying to figure out what will work. Everything finally seems to be improving. Keep your fingers crossed.

I also got my first statement back from the insurance offered by my employer, which I enrolled for in January. My suspicions that they pay for nothing were confirmed, so I want to get myself good and well before I'm off my mom's insurance in July. (Since my brother is already on it, she can keep me on until I'm 25 for no extra charge. So for three more months, I have awesome insurance.) I'm going to start totaling up the cost of my after-insurance bills + premiums every month to see if it might actually be less expensive not to have insurance through my employer at all. Considering that so far, they've refused to cover anything, I'm beginning to think I'm being scammed out of $140/mo so they can pretend to insure me. Well, maybe I'm not being very generous. After all, they do have to pay postage on all of those statements they keep sending me that say, "We aren't covering any of this, sucker!"

I really hate insurance.


  1. Wow I am very jealous of your commute!!!

  2. I have really bad road rage. Since I live alone (for now), I think it's best for everyone if I can choose to live close to work and cut out as much time driving as possible. :)

  3. I hear you on the insurance! What a ripe off. I was paying into what I thought was GREAT insurance through work ... that is, until I had to have surgery to have my gall bladder removed and found out my insurance covers me, but only to a certain amount which I could have covered myself -and then some- if I had held on to the cash instead of paying for the dumb insurance company to begin with. ::grumble, grumble, grumble::