Apr 1, 2009

Sometimes I complain on my blog.

And apparently this fact REALLY annoys people. I've received almost as many attacks for complaining about things going on in my life on my blog as I have for voicing my opinions on abortion, religion, feminism, politics, or pretty much any other controversial topic that I regularly bloviate about (and I'm very opinionated and very vocal, so we're talking about lots of opportunities for attack.)

So I just want to set a little disclaimer, for all of you who think blogs should be all about puppies and sunshine and who have violent allergic reactions to any and all whining (unless, of course, it's your own, which you will invariably post in my comments section): sometimes I bitch about my life in my blog. You can call it venting, or indulging my inner brat, or being a pessimist or just plain being obnoxious, but it's something I do, and it is something I will continue to do probably for as long as I have a blog. Griping here doesn't mean that I hate my life, that I don't appreciate what I have, or that I always complain. I don't do any of these things, and in fact, I keep a blog largely so that I can get my complaints out all at once and keep them contained. Not that my saying this will convince anyone on the internet of its truth, since most people prefer to believe whatever they want to believe.

Regardless, if you don't like my blog, you're welcome to click the little X in the top right-hand corner or the little red button in the top left-hand corner, and never read any of my bitching again. For people who are so put off by my complaints that they can't resist complaining about it themselves in my comments, I really only have one word for you: hypocrite. For all the advice I've gotten about "Get over it!", I've yet to have a single one of these people actually do that themselves.

So, really, what I do with my life doesn't affect you, and nobody's forcing you to read my blog. You are perfectly welcome to leave. I, however, am not obligated to change what I write about, or how I feel for that matter, just because someone else doesn't like it. I've been pretty committed to being myself for, oh, 24 years now, and if middle school and high school didn't stamp out all desire I had to say exactly what I think and to be exactly who I am, then you can pretty much put money on it that some asshole on the internet with nothing better to do with his or her time than read my blog and then bitch about it isn't going to change that about me now.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I enjoy your blogs. Everybody bitches and complains. I do the same in my blog. Alot of people do it. Tell them to get the **** if they don't like it :)


  2. You tell 'em! I'm on the same page as you and eschete. I vent in my blog when I need to vent. It isn't all sunshine and puppies in my life. And people need to realize the writer of the blog is writing for themselves!