Jun 24, 2009

Goal for the week: do something GPOYW-worthy

Every week, tumblr has this meme: GPOYW, or Gratuitous Pic of Yourself Wednesday.

It's worth noting that I've always been semi-famous (or infamous, depending on whether you're one among my acquaintance who doesn't like having their picture taken) for always having my camera on me and always taking an exorbitant number of pictures. No joke. I can snap 300 pictures in half an hour. And up until recently, I've had no problems coming up with new photos for GPOYW.

But lately, I just haven't been shooting very many pictures. There was UFO Fest about a month ago. A few quick shots of moving-related activities and the newly-decorated apartment. Really, though, I've been sort of boring for the past few months.

So my goal for the week is to come up with some new pictures. Of myself. Of anything, really. It shouldn't be too hard. We've got a concert this weekend, at the very least. All the same, it makes me sad that I haven't really done anything worth photographing in so long.


  1. Good goal. I have a folder in my phone called "Self-ish" where I take pictures of myself.

    It's so cheesy, but it's kind of confidence boosting sometimes.

    Get those pictures in! I wanna see 'em.

    PS. Know how I know you're cool?

    Your name's Katie.

  2. Oh take pictures more of yourself, I do. But I;m overly narcissistic like that.

  3. I'm the person who always ends up not being in the pictures, because I'm the one snapping them ;-)

  4. Lilu, same here! The few pictures I do have of me are almost always of me with a camera in front of my face. ;)

  5. Pictures are awesome! I love posts with pictures...I'm trying to get in the habit of photographing something picture worthy for the majority of my posts. It's not as hard as I thought, and when I run out of ideas, I just take a picture of the meal I ate lol.

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