Jun 22, 2009

It's hard to write when what you really want to write about...

...is the one thing that could get you in big trouble.

I like my job enough that I'm not going to talk about any of the specifics here. But...seriously? Is there anything worse than going to work 40 hours a week and feeling like nothing you do matters, nothing you do is getting noticed (except, of course, the bad stuff), and nothing you can do will really change anyone's perception of you...no matter how off-base that perception might be?

I'm frustrated, and it's really getting me down, and I'm so caught up in it, I can't stop thinking about it long enough to come up with anything else to talk about.

Anybody have some good advice for ridding yourself of negative energies and meditating yourself into a zen like state? Because I could really use it right about now.


  1. My advice, and I coach people through this kind of 'stuff' every day is to treat 'negative emotions as a direction or instruction.

    First, identify the exact emotion you're feeling. 'negative' is too vague to be helpful. Narrow it down to something like 'anger', 'frustration', 'betrayal', 'fear', 'confusion' etc.

    Second, recognise that the emotion is temporary. You were here before the emotion arose and will be after. This emotion is an experience and does not define your past, present of future.

    Thirdly, understand that the emotion is normal and reasonable. If you can't do that alone, call a good friend who will empathise but not keep you stuck in the drama.

    Forthly, go get rid of the emotion. Something physical to move the experience through you. Some examples; dance around the living room, go for a brisk walk, sing loudly in the car with the windows up, ounhc a punching bag etc. Make sure you are thinking about leaving the emotion behind, not the emotion itself.

    Lastly, You sould feel much better by now. Your head will be clearer. From this place decide what action/s will take you to where you want to be. It may be a discussion with your boss, starting a new project. Finisheing a lingering task whatever. Some action to move you from the previous negative place to somewhere you want to be.

  2. I can completely relate. I was in a job in which I knew I was doing something that mattered, but my actions were never recognized. It's a rough place to be in.

    Rachael had some awesome advice for you.

  3. I can definitely relate, being at the bottum of the corporate ladder is rough. I constantly remind myself that I am at the begining of my career and focus all that negative energy into running/exercise. It really helps clear my brain after a long hard day.

  4. My advice is to read a book called "manifest your destiny" by Wayne Dyer...It's a little cheesy/spiritual, but I ALWAYS refer back to it when I'm having a difficult time in life be it with work or personal relationships. It has really helped me.

  5. If you get the perfect zen-like state solution, please let me know because I could use it.

  6. I totally understand, I hate feeling constantly tired and underaprreciated. Esp. if the payment isn t that much. URGHHH.

  7. I can totally relate. When I felt unappreciated at work, it made me wonder whether I was in the right place. Unfortunately/fortunately for me, I was laid off a few months ago. But now I am spending my time (when I'm not applying for jobs) volunteering. It's been hard, but rewarding. I have found myself again and I have set long term goals for the first time in years. Now that I have some focus, the next step is finding a job that is a good step towards reaching those goals. I feel like that might alleviate the feelings of being unappreciated, since I'll probably have to start at the bottom.

  8. Hey Katie-

    I'm right in there with ya.

    I just had a bad review. The first in my LIFE. Turns out a jealous coworker had told my director that I openly hate gays, blacks, and Jews. This, of course, is a COMPLTE LIE.

    I didn't even get a chance to defend myself, so I demanded he investigate this complaint before I be escelated to disiplinary action for it.
    total crap, I tell you. And even though its a lie, everyone looks at me like its true. So of course, they can only find bad things to think about me instead of notice all the good stuff I do around here.

    I empathize.

  9. @tallbrunette
    WHOA! That is ridiculous. Don't they even bother to check that stuff before they start talking to you about it?!

  10. Sometimes its hard to believe the things we do for a living.
    but we all make our place in this world in different ways.
    Not everything we do always has specific meaning, but it means something.. to someone.. somewhere down the line.
    Well thats alawys what I like to tell myself.

    And when all else fails, I get a pedicure because its relaxing and my feet look pretty!

  11. Okay, don't think I'm lame but I read a really good book called Yes Attitude by Jeffeory Gittomer. It's short, direct and to the point and really makes you evaluate how you think about work and your attitude in general.

    It really helped me to be more positive at work.

  12. Working out is really the only thing I can think of. Working out to the point of exhaustion is my solution ot all negative energy because a work out is never a bad thing, especially since you can see improvements in the mirror.

  13. FYI there is a girl I thoroughly despise and she reads my blog, and I can't write about her... i really wish I could though.