Jul 11, 2009

I really want to be a writer.

How do I do that, though?

I really want to be a writer. *sigh* I always have.


  1. Writing! Yayy for writing. I know how you feel (:

    This site doesn't pay you, or makes your work into hardbacks, or anything but it's a great way to start! I visit it everyday, I'm like, totally addicted to it. If you want to check it out, it's http://www.protagonize.com. Uber coolness, trust me. And so many talented authors.

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know in your desperation to get our creative juices flowing (:


  2. me too...
    I've given myself to 2010 to start writing.. so from september, I'm going to do two writing short courses a semester and hopefully I'll build up the confidence to write something substantial.

    In the meantime, practice on blog!

  3. I think you are a really good writer! I have a journalism degree and I haven't been able to be a writer either! But you know, it's all about self publishing now and online marketing. Stick with it! This is a really good blog, and it's funny because I ALWAYS said, I want to write a book about how much being in your 20s sucks! So glad you're out there to comisserate with :)

  4. Breaking into writing is so tough--but with enough gusto, I know you can do it! Have you picked up a copy of the Writer's Market yet? That could be worth flipping through for ideas to get started.

  5. just write, write, and write more and then write again... that is the only known way to become a writer...

    have you read Stephen King's 'On Writing'? you must if you haven't, it will take your writing to the next level for sure.

    good luck!