Aug 9, 2009

Be fearless!

I just got home from watching Julie and Julia. It was...wonderful. Even with the boom mic rearing its ugly head in every other scene (literally), I can't remember the last time I felt so inspired by a film.

Julie and Julia is about two women: Julia Child and Julie Powell. At the start of the film, both are two women who seem to be floundering for "something to do." Julia isn't interested in sitting around being just a housewife, while Julie is just looking for something other than her miserable cubicle job. This is obviously something I identify with. And both women find their niches—Julia in cooking, Julie in Julia.

I won't lie. I identified more with Julie than Julia. The girl is originally from Texas, has a crazy Southern mother, wants to be a writer (but isn't), who never finishes anything, who is languishing in a cubicle job, who writes a blog(!), and who desperately wants to be Doing Something. She's more like, well, like me. Julia, though, is that amazing person you want to be more like, and I think that's why Julie is so drawn to her. Julie comes across as a meek, nervous person who lacks the confidence to really go after life, and Julia's motto seems to be, Be Fearless! Have Courage! Have Confidence!

I loved them both so much. I loved all the lessons about life and passion that Julia has to offer—not to mention that I am blown away by her passion for real cooking, which is something I think is very important. And I loved that Julie tried so hard to learn those lessons and make them her own. The whole thing made me want to go home and start figuring out how I could tackle life the way Julia attacked her cooking or the way Julie attacked her blog. The way they went after the things they really wanted. Not many movies leave you with that feeling.

Also, there is a love of butter going on in this movie that, I'm sorry, any self-respecting Southern girl has no choice but to appreciate.

In short, I loved the movie. Boom mic and all.

"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."

"This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook—try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!"

- Julia Child


  1. The hard part isn't getting inspired by something, it's channeling that inspiration into your passions--and keeping at it--even after the actual source of inspiration starts to fade in your memory. Keep it going!

    Casual Kitchen

  2. I'll have to see it! The other day, my 12 year old sister told me her favourite actress is Meryl Streep. Doesn't that give you hope? That it wasn't Taylor Momsen or something? Anyway, yes, I will watch this movie.

  3. I loved the movie too. Saw it yesterday at the AMC. Meryl was so wonderful, I mean dead on with her acting as always. Julie was a little whiny but I loved it. The entire thing.

  4. I heard so many good words about it, I'm so curious. It's not out here yet so I guess I gotta wait a bit :)