Aug 25, 2009

Newsflash: I'm going to "The Bins" with Mei Mei Pomegranate.

This is her legal last name. No, really. She's my roommate's younger sister. I've been hearing stories about her for months, including how she changed her last name to Pomegranate when she was 16. My feelings toward her are something akin to worship.

It's like meeting a celebrity.

I'm so excited.

(Also, "The Bins" is the Goodwill cast-off store. I have no idea if that's what it's actually called, or if that's just what Kellen and Max are calling it. From what I understand, it's some cross between Gollum's lair and Antique Roadshow jackpot. Still excited.)


  1. Haha great name. A mate of mine changed his last name so he is now officially Troy Boy

  2. LOL that's such a great name. Why pomegranate?

  3. No idea. :) Maybe she likes the fruit?

  4. We call ours the TS (thrift store). I like The Bins better, but all our stuff is on racks just like a dept. store.

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  6. and where is the follow up post with all the amazing things you bought for pennies? =)
    i love the bins! after the first time, i wanted to go every weekend. also, good job on being the independent gf and watching the sound of music too, i love that film.