Sep 2, 2009

Aaallll byyyy myyyyssseeeelllllffff...

So Kellen's been out of contact since Sunday. He's at Burning Man, where they have no cell reception and the nearest phones are a shuttle ride away and apparently shuttle tickets aren't easy to come by. I won't lie. While I really like having the house to myself, I'm going a little crazy without contact. I finally got an e-mail from him this morning, which is good because now at least I know he is alive and hasn't run off with a band of crazy hippies. We haven't been out of touch this long since, well, since we weren't speaking to each other several years back.

I got a call from his mom tonight. She wanted to thank me for being such a supportive girlfriend. And to check and make sure I was still alive without two big strong men in the house to protect. (My mom has been checking up on me more frequently than usual, too. Just to make sure no one has broken into the house to try to get at me, as we all know how irresistible I am.) I felt kind of bad about her saying how supportive I am, when five minutes before I had been thinking, "IhateBurningManIhateBurningManIhateBurningMan."

Sometimes, it's really hard to maintain separate identities and separate lives in a relationship, to avoid becoming one of those obnoxious codependent couples that can't go to the bathroom without needing the other one to hold their hand while they wipe. (Pardon the crudity, but you've probably known one of these couples.) Considering that I have talked to my boyfriend every single day for the last 2 years, even when we were 2,500 miles apart, it's really hard to go 9 whole days without talking to him. This is the age of internet and cell phones...and internet in your cell phones. I mean, seriously, it is insane that in this day and age someone could be out of touch for 9 whole days, right?

I think it's worth it though, because I personally think it's an incredible experience (even if my "ewww dust and trance music!" pretty much guarantees I will never go myself), and I know how much he wanted to go and how much he appreciates that I "let" him go. I can't imagine telling him not to go, anyhow. Who does that? Crazy girls, that's who. Plus, I get to be all smug about how independent and awesome I am at the end of all this.

So for now, I'm sitting around watching movies that I have a hard time getting Kellen to watch with me (and doing laundry, but that's not glamorous or cool, so we'll ignore that.) Tonight, it's The Sound of Music. And you might be surprised to know this, but I'm also downloading Bridget Jones and Chocolat, and despite this movie being nearly 40 years older than either of those, it downloaded about a thousand times faster. I'm so excited. I've had "The hiiiiills are aliiiiive," stuck in my head for days.


I'm off to be alone and independent and super cool some more.

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  1. For the record: I don't think missing your BF during a 9 day incommunicado trip is at all giving up your badge of self-sufficency and independence. Not one bit.