Sep 21, 2009

Another weekend, another wedding

Austin, TXSo we were in Bend from Friday-Sunday for Kellen's little brother's wedding. It was a fantastic wedding, replete with karaoke, swords, and hurricane force winds. (Actually, that last one might be a slight exaggeration...but only slightly.) We had a great time. I only wish that every time someone asked us, "So when are you two getting married?", they had handed us a $1 bill instead. If they had, I could've afforded to take a recuperation day off from work today!

Only one more wedding to go, and that's not until next month...and it's in Austin!

I don't know if I've mentioned here or not that Kellen and I are finally making a pilgrimage back to longhorn mecca, but my friend Charles is getting married and I promised I'd make it back to town for that. We're super excited and have so many plans. I don't know how we're going to squeeze everything in to a single weekend, and I really wish I could stay longer (*siiiiigh*).

Have you ever had a place you love so much, your heart squeezes into a tiny fluttering knot whenever you think about it? That's how I feel about Austin.

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  1. Katie, right now I all do is give my nastiest look to whomever asks me when will we get married or anything with respect to the future kids we are supposed to be having RIGHT NOW. After reading your blog, I think I'm going to smile instead, and then ask for $1 each time. I'll let you know what I buy with all the money I'll be making!!.