Oct 5, 2009

I keep forgetting to tell people this...

kellen wins!
Did I mention my boyfriend caught the garter at his brother's wedding?

Some 8-year-old girl caught the bouquet, and it's not like it's even remotely appropriate to jump someone under the age of 12 in order to snatch something from their tiny little hands...the little snot. So I guess we'll have to settle for Kellen's victory over the mens.

PS: Actually, I've yet to embarrass myself leaping for a bouquet or mauling another girl trying to get it in my clutches...or worse, convinced the bride to clear the floor of everyone except me so that I was sure to grab it. (Yes, I've actually seen that at a wedding before.) It's not as if I've ever been the kind of person to get that excited about getting married...but I am kind of competitive, and just for once, I'd kind of like to win that stupid bouquet.


  1. I caught the garter and Sarah caught the bouquet at the same wedding once.

  2. At all of the weddings I've been to, no one really seems to want to participate in that particular tradition. As much as I want to get married, I usually try to hide near the back.

  3. So glad to hear that someone else actually wants to catch the bouquet! I'm afraid that my experience at weddings has sadly been identical to "me in millions" experience - why is no one willing to participate?

  4. I think Sex & the City is to blame. That, and it's kind of humiliating to fight over getting married. Are you really that desperate? But at every wedding I've been to, there's always at least two girls who are willing to jump for it, and then who grumble later when some 9-year-old gets it instead. ;)

  5. LOL that picture looks so epic! Maybe catching something at the wedding really is satisfying!