Feb 12, 2010

Credit card madness!

I officially paid my credit card down to zero back in September. Of course, since then, I've bought a whopping 9 plane tickets and put another $2500 on that same credit card. At the same time, I finally paid off the other credit card with my dental work and my dog's surgery on it last month.

Is this how it always is with credit cards? As soon as you get one paid off, you just pile a bunch of other money on it later? Really, if it weren't for all of the plane tickets (mostly wedding related), this wouldn't be so much of an issue. But still. It's enough to make me want to cut up all of my credit cards.

Unfortunately, I still have all the numbers memorized.



  1. I think so too :( a non stop vicious cycle. I know I wanna cut mine to pieces.

  2. Not that you asked for advice, but google "seth godin credit card" and read the first result (couldn't paste the URL for some reason). I think it's pretty genius advice.

  3. Adam, that's pretty sound advice! I don't put clothes or restaurant bills or anything like that on my credit card. As I said, it's almost 100% plane tickets, which, for seeing family and getting to various wedding festivities all over the Western hemisphere, I think is something that grows in value. ;) But Seth is definitely correct: if you're carrying a lot of credit card debt and you've got a lot of daily expenses on your card, you should probably cut those things up, stop spending, and start paying off your debt. Which is something I don't do.

    I'll just be happy when my wedding is over, and I can go back to my normal miserly ways.