Mar 24, 2010

Moving on up!

With my marriage last Tuesday, my last name is changing and so is my e-mail. In an effort to simplify my google accounts, and also to start with a clean blogging slate, I'm moving on over to:

Special Snowflakes and Other Myths

Hope to see you there! :)

Mar 1, 2010

I just thought of another great thing about our wedding date:

So we arranged our wedding date (March 16) largely around when my mom would be on spring break. No, my mom is not a college student. She is a principal for an elementary school. Anyhow, because it was almost impossible to find many days together in the spring where she wasn't going to be doing testing or supervising ballgames or any of the other myriad duties of a small town school administrator, spring break was really the best time for all of us to get away for a few days.

So one great thing about our wedding date: it's easy for my parents to come.

It's also the day before St. Patrick's Day which means Kellen pretty much never has an excuse to forget our anniversary. I never forget dates, but I'm willing to accept a certain degree of inevitability that someday I might not be as sharp as I am today, so in 60 years or so, I'm assuming this will be useful. (Personally, I'm hoping my memory is the last thing to go and that I hold onto all of my memories for-e-ver if for no other reason than to spitefully remind everyone of every time they've been wrong, but I've been right.)

The not so great thing about our wedding date? In addition to being during my mom's spring break, it's pretty much everyone else's spring break too. I'm hoping like crazy that we avoid the throngs of drunk 19-year-olds that are bound to be crawling all over the beach in Puerto Vallarta.

BUT. Tonight I remembered the absolute best thing about our wedding date: we'll be in Mexico the entire week of SXSW.

For the record, I hate SXSW. When I lived in Austin, it was mostly just annoying because if you stayed in Austin for spring break, you couldn't go anywhere without running into bajillions of people. Driving was miserable. Parking was (more) miserable (than usual.) Now that I don't live in Austin, though, it becomes the week that every pretentious d-bag with an internet connection descends on my beloved city and every single social network I'm on becomes flooded with their pretentious d-baggy bragging about going to all of the places I love.

This is incredibly unfair because 1) they get to be in Austin, and I don't, and 2) they are so busy bragging about how awesome they are for being at SXSW, they completely forget that they are in the best city in the world. Austin is not the backdrop for you to demonstrate your superiority against, and for not adequately appreciating Austin as being more than a place where you go to rub elbows with a bunch of other d-bags, what you actually demonstrate is how much you suck at life.


So yeah. I have a lot of ire directed toward SXSW. And since I'm going to be in Mexico that entire week for the wedding and blissful honeymoon sans internet connection, that means I get to miss the whole goddamn thing...a complete impossibility if I were anywhere near the internet for that week, no matter how hard I try to avoid the ubiquitous, "Look how cool I am! I'm at SXSW!" posts/tweets/articles/etc.

I. Am. Excited. (Well, even more than I already was.)

Bride brain

You'll have to pardon me. I honestly don't have a lot on my mind lately other than wedding-related stuff. We leave for Mexico in t-minus 13 days. I've been trying to scrabble together some outfits for the warmer weather, since I've outgrown pretty much all of my old summers clothes. I also had to pick up new luggage, buy a new dress and get it altered, and think about all the things I've yet to do, like: finalize a hairstyle, write my own vows, get in touch with the officiant, make a playlist for music during the ceremony.

I've also got about 100 yds of fabric that needs to be washed, pressed, and cut out before our May reception in Texas. I called around to various and sundry cleaners to see how much it would cost to have all of the fabric laundered and pressed by someone else. I was thinking around $100...$200 max. Uh-uh. It's going to be nearly $500. So I guess I'm going to buy a decent iron (mine is a $10 cheapie that doesn't take wrinkles out, even after drenching the fabric in wrinkle releaser) and devote God only knows how many hours to ironing all of this shit (pardon my French) myself.

There are also pompoms to make and wooden cutouts to find and order and bunting to sew.


Then it's on to the Washington reception where literally nothing has been done in preparation, and actually I should be e-mailing the coordinator instead of writing here...

I do have occasional thoughts about other things. Like: the position that I was interested in fell through. Or: I really hope this big all-hands call coming up in a couple of weeks isn't another mass layoff announcement.

But honestly, all I've been able to think about is wedding, wedding, wedding. Expect this to be the case until mid-July.